This is my camera collection. Most of them still work fine, even though they're old. I have tried them all out, but not neccesarily in the way the manufactorer had intended.

Agfa Clack

Agfa Isomat Rapid

Agfa Iso-Rapid IF

Agfamatic 100 sensor

Balda Poka

Diana Mini

Lomography Colorsplash

Lomography Spinner 360

Lomography Supersampler


Olympus AF-10 TWIN

Olympus Trip 35

Olympus XA

Praktica MTL 3

Paxette IA Electralux

Reflecta II

Seconic Auto-lumi


Widelux 1500

Yashica 72E

Yashica 109


Last update: 11 22 2012